Media release: Young child advocate urges New Zealanders to go ‘Shoeless’ for Cambodian kids

Young child advocate urges New Zealanders to go ‘Shoeless’ for Cambodian kids

One of New Zealand’s most passionate campaigners for social justice, Katie Boom, is urging New Zealanders to take off their shoes on 24 October and join her in raising $200,000 to educate Cambodia’s most impoverished children.  

Her charity, Shoeless, today announced New Zealand’s first Shoeless Day on 24 October 2014.   

For nearly two years 23-year-old Katie Boom has not worn shoes as a way to raise awareness of the plight of Cambodian’s poorest children. 

  Katie’s shoeless crusade has been an inspiration to many and her efforts have raised over $10,000 through her charity. 

With 100% of proceeds going to help Cambodia’s poorest children, the money she’s raised so far has provided around 500 children with a school uniform, shoes, school books and all the supplies they need to attend school for one year.  

“I’ve gone shoeless for two years and now I’m asking New Zealanders to join me for just one day.  With the help of as many Kiwis as possible, we want to raise $200,000 on Shoeless Day.  This will provide school uniforms and supplies to around 2,000 Cambodian children for five years,” explained Katie.  

Shoeless Day involves getting people to go barefoot all day long to raise awareness and funds in the hope of giving Cambodian children an education and a brighter future.  

“By giving up your shoes and going barefoot with me on October 24th you can change the lives of Cambodia children.  All it takes is a little over $20 to support one child,” she said.  

People can sign up to participate in Shoeless Day and donate to Shoeless NZ through the organisation’s website: www.shoelessday.com .  

NZD$20 buys a child shoes, their school uniform and their schoolbooks; it is essentially a year of education.   Over the next six weeks, Katie is working to get individuals, schools and businesses to take part in the inaugural Shoeless Day.  

Shoeless NZ is a registered New Zealand charity, and sends 100% of donations to its partner Care for Cambodia.  It operates the charity alongside its partners Willow Creek NZ and Care for Cambodia.