Media release: Millennium Plastics takes out Supreme Award at Plastics Industry Design Awards

Millennium Plastics takes out Supreme Award at Plastics Industry Design Awards

7 October 2014 

On 3 October Hamilton-based Millennium Plastics Ltd was awarded the overall Supreme Award at the 2014 Plastics Industry Biennial Design Awards for their contribution to the design and development of Waikato Milking Systems’ all-new Electronic Milk Meter.

  The company also took out Gold Awards in both the Primary Product and Conventional Injection Moulding Process Categories.  

Millennium Plastics General Manager Tony Rutz said, “We are extremely honoured to receive these three awards.  It is great validation for our staff, who are truly the very best in New Zealand. 

  “At Millennium Plastics, we do things a bit differently.  We’re not simply another plastics design and moulding company.   

“Our expertise lies in working side-by-side with our customers to ensure their original product ideas and designs capture the greatest value for their business and achieve the product benefits they promise their customers.”  

Waikato Milking Systems new Electronic Milk Meter provides accurate real-time milking data, enabling dairy farmers to improve herd management decisions and long term profitability of their herds.  

Product Design Manager Jim Pharaoh, said “Our first concepts for our electronic milk meter were developed several years ago. Several prototypes were trialled on farms resulting in a computer model which was submitted to Millennium Plastics for their critique and manufacture of the meter which was released to farmers in August this year.  

“The modern milking shed is a very challenging environment to design for as you need to develop products to withstand contact with milk, heat, cleaning chemicals and moisture.  Over the years we’ve found that with careful material selection we can satisfy all those criteria while also injecting a high level of innovation and creativity into our product designs.

  “Simplicity is the cornerstone of Waikato Milking Systems’ design philosophy and the modern plastics technology Millennium Plastics allows us to make very complex forms to create simple, effective products.  The end result is that we supply products to our customers that are both reliable and fit-for-purpose.”  

Millennium Plastics specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of high-end plastic products.  It works with clients in a range of industries, including dairy, animal health, electronics, medical and safety.