Charlotte FitzPatrick

Accredited in Public Relations (APR), PRINZ member

Charlotte FitzPatrick joined the HMC Communications team as a Senior Manager in 2014. With prior 10 years' experience working as a communications and public relations practitioner in the health, education, recruitment and not-for-profit sectors, Charlotte brought plenty of knowledge to the team.

Charlotte has worked in complex business environments and has developed communications and marketing strategies for a diverse range of entities and projects. Her key areas of interest and expertise include internal communications, corporate communications, communications strategy and planning, social media, crisis management, reputation management.

Charlotte's an avid problem solver and gets a real buzz when she knows she's nailed a project for a client and helped to facilitate a positive outcome for all involved. That's why she does what she does.

Originally from Taupo, Charlotte re-located to the Waikato in 2000 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Media Studies from the University of Waikato in 2003. She subsequently completed her Diploma in Strategic Management (DipStratMngt) and achieved her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).

Outside work she's a family girl – nothing is more important than the whanau. She also loves to travel, cook, do anything that involves the outdoors.

Charlotte's Key Strengths:

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Communications strategy
  • Social media
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management

Three things you didn't know about Charlotte:

    1. Her maiden name is Church and during the 90s endured people constantly asking "Do you sing?"
    2. For some reason she can't pronounce 'piano' correctly. It sounds more like 'piuno'.
    3. She loves organising holidays – especially itineraries! It's the only time she uses Excel. If you need someone to plan a holiday for you, look no further.