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Every organisation faces 'tough' issues from time to time – whether they be announcements that could potentially spark negative publicity or happenings that could disgruntle customers.

It's these times when you have the choice – to be proactive and plan for the worst case, or be reactive and wait to see how it'll play out. When you know that there is a potential negative issue looming for your business to face, the worst thing you can do is just hope no one finds out!

The best thing you can do is strategise, plan and prepare all the communications you may require. This puts you back in control from a communications perspective, even if you aren't 100% in control of the issue or situation.

HMC can sit with you to forecast your organisation's communications risks and develop mitigation strategies. This may include: preparing holding statements or media releases; preparing Q&As for important stakeholders like board members, politicians or shareholders; preparing direct communication for staff, customers and others close to your business and more.

As soon as you realise there may be an issue arising, HMC recommends putting an action plan in place to get all the communications in hand you need... 'just in case.' Believe us – it'll help you sleep better at night knowing you're well-prepared.

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