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Campaigns and Marketing Communications

PR Campaigns

PR Campaigns are ways in which you can focus efforts to shape public opinion and/or increase your brand recognition among your target audiences.

Campaigns are normally implemented within a set timeframe and incorporate creative ideas for 'cutting through' the noise bombarding your audiences day-to-day.

PR Campaigns are not the entire solution to an organisation's communication issues and should be implemented within a wider strategy. However, if done well, they can help you make a huge leap forward in achieving your goals – rather than a slow incremental change.

Marketing Comms

Marketing communication helps to develop brand awareness for your organisation through well-crafted marketing messages and clever promotions.

HMC can work with you to develop coordinated promotional messages delivered through one or more channels such as social media, print, radio, and direct mail. Your audiences will be informed, persuaded, and called to action through our creative and integrated marketing communications.

The discipline of marketing communications blurs the lines between marketing and PR. It's often used as a way to add a publicity component to a marketing promotion. And, unlike the other areas of PR, it has the clear objective of increasing sales.

Campaigns and Marketing Comms videos