Our senior team often develops communications training programmes for our clients to suit their team’s needs. Crisis communications training and media training are two or our most popular programmes.

Crisis Communications Training

Did you know?

  • Only one in three New Zealand executives feel confident about how to handle a crisis if it hit
  • Best-practice public corporate response to a crisis is within 10 minutes
  • Most crises unfold on social media before they hit news outlets
  • Most crises are not a surprise; they can be predicted and planned for. 

Are you ready for your next crisis? Take our short survey now to see how prepared you are. If the answer is, ‘not sure’ or ‘no,’ then HMC Communications can help.

We have designed a crisis communications training programme specifically for senior leaders and board members in commercial and not-for-profit organisations who want to learn how to communicate well when a crisis hits.

It’s a multi-part, exercise-based programme that we piloted with one of our clients during 2017/18.

Their leadership team experienced:

  • Great feedback and satisfaction from the senior team
  • High engagement in the training and scenario workshops
  • Acquisition of new skills and knowledge about how crisis unfolds on- and off-line
  • Confidence in determining how to act and react to preserve brand reputation.

Following this pilot, we now offer the programme widely to others.

A great feature of HMC’s training programme is that you can pick and choose training modules to suit your team, their levels of expertise and your budget.

We’re certain our crisis communications training programme will help your senior team:

  • Take control
  • Feel confident, and
  • Develop the skills required to successfully face the next crisis

Let us help you put this important reputation-protection strategy in place.

​Media Training

HMC Communications offers media training for individuals and groups in a range of formats.  We can give you a quick session just prior to a media interview, or we can arrange for an intense multi-day training workshop.  We offer:

  • 90-120 minute ‘top tips’ session for groups covering traditional and social media tips and including exercises
  • Half-day, one-day and two-day intense workshops including mock interviews and video recording/feedback sessions

We can tailor a training session to your needs on a range of communications topics – just ask.