Product issues, people mistakes, cyber security alarms, health & safety incidents, haters on social media . . . and more.

Reputational issues can arise at any moment. And sometimes issues escalate into full-blown crises.

Crisis support

When crises surprise you, it’s important to have trusted advisors at your side.

The HMC senior team can step in with immediate support to help you manage media queries and social media response while helping you formulate communications to staff, customers and other audiences. 


HMC provides crisis training for leadership and governance teams. Our crisis training module provides your organisation’s leaders with the tools they need to:

  • Understand issues that require comms planning
  • Recognise when issues are escalating to crises
  • Respond to audiences with confidence
  • Keep your reputation intact

Our training includes workshops, desktop exercises, mock interviewing and full-blown scenario drills.   

Issues/Crisis Support and Training videos